Hi, I’m Gary Vance founder of Better Life for You, a private Life Enhancement Association. Our goal, regardless of what your Life challenges might be right now, is to help you think better, feel better, and be better in every way. Or another way of putting it, to become more Alive, Awake and Aware.

The Challenge

We all have one immense challenge that affects every aspect of our being today. It’s called Silent, Unrelieved Stress. It is truly an epidemic of our time. It is something that is underestimated, trivialized, and misunderstood.

Every discomfort, physical, mental or emotional has a direct link to this condition. Silent, unrelieved stress accumulates quietly over months and years and is reflected in the body/mind, quietly destroying us from the inside out, most often without us even knowing it.

In this undesirable state, you don’t heal well, feel well, think well or function at your best. Worst of all, you slowly disconnect from your greatest asset, your intuitive, creative self….your True Self!

What we do

First, what we don’t do. We don’t diagnose, heal, treat or cure anyone. Only you can heal you. And you can do it well when you have a true, effective, stress release process that allows you to reap the benefits throughout many aspects of your life.

  1. Release the brain/mind system from our number one challenge: silent, unrelieved stress
  2. Recover homeostasis, self healing and regeneration abilities  (as a result of #1)
  3. Reconnect to your True Self (also as a result of #1) Greater connection to these states of Being supports good feelings, emotions and self healing.

We use the Release and Recover Process to achieve the above. People with all kinds of challenges, some severe, some minor, have had significant, positive life changes after participating in these processes.

The greatest benefit of all is how you feel about yourself. When you truly come out of a Silent, Unrelieved Stress State, you tend to shift to the higher brain centers where you can access your True Self, your Creative, Intuitive Self. Greater connection to these states of Being supports good feelings, emotional health and self healing.

With this positive shift, you will feel more Alive, Awake and Aware. The brain returns to balance. Normal healing and regeneration activities are increased. You are stronger and less tense. There is more peace and ease in your life. And that is my hope for you.

If you would like to get an idea of the type of responses people have had from this work, then please go to the testimonials page and read for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised. ​

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