1/ The Alignment Process | A gentle, non evasive hands on process, that sends a positive sensory input to the brain that a defensive stress response is no longer necessary. When achieved, inner resources for creativity, inner guidance, healing and metabolism are recovered.

2/ Breath Connection | An Integration process of the body, mind and the spirit so one can enjoy peace, ease and harmony within themselves and the world around them. We work with a special breathing method incorporating gentle contact on energy points, sound, body movement and other modalities as required to obtain the maximum benefit of experiencing the real you, your TRUE SELF.

3/ Effective Thinking | A program of changing one’s thinking process in order that they might better create the life they want for themselves, versus creating by default!

How participants have benefited at Better Life for You

I want to thank you for the alignments you did for my husband John. The changes, both physical and mental, that occurred in him were amazing. Read more…

Barbara Pellizzari, Lambton Shores, ON

I have a 4 year old boy with microcephaly (small brain) and developmental delay (unable to talk, walk or crawl). Prior to coming to the Natural Wellness Centre (now Better Life For You) he slept only 3 – 5 hours in a 24 hour period, Read more…

Catherine Kuepfer, Poole, ON

I was going through major transitions in every part of my life and i was stressed, depressed, unable to make clear decisions and lethargic. The Alignment Process was recommended to me. Read more…

CS, Toronto, ON

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